Virtual Shooting Evaluation

Build a Foundation of Great Shooting Technique Now!

As the game of basketball continues to evolve and long range shooting becomes more and more important, learning proper shooting fundamentals is vital to a young player’s development.  Often players practice shooting with a lack of fundamental knowledge, creating bad habits which complicate the shot and stunt the shooter’s development.

Developing proper shooting technique should be a major priority for a basketball player. Once proper coordination of legs and arms is mastered, very little can go wrong in a shot.  The benefits of a technically sound shot are considerable:

  • As a player gets older, shooting range will be increased with good technique
  • Accuracy and consistency is dramatically improved with a repeatable, efficient shot
  • It takes exponentially more hours of practice to become a great shooter if a player has flaws in technique

Our Virtual Shooting Evaluations instill a foundation of technique and shooting knowledge in a player.  In addition, players develop the confidence that the hours they are putting into being a great shooter will pay off as they are repeating great habits on a daily basis!

How it Works:

  • Film and then trim the video to just show the shot and follow through (about three seconds) then email your shot directly from your phone
  • We will create an evaluation of the shot you send, as well as player comparisons, personal drills and a clear path to development
  • Within four days you’ll receive a full, voice-over video analysis of your own shot from Frank Allocco, Jr
  • Splash Package members will email videos four times over a two month period and receive consistent analysis

DEMO - What You Get

Step 1: Film your shot

When filming, clips should be very short, only including just before the shooter shoots and ending no more than three seconds after. Make sure the entire shooter can be seen, including feet and top of the hand at the highest point of the shot. Three clips should be sent in, one from each angle outlined below.

Film From Front

Film From Right

Film From Left

Step 2: Select your package

Single Evaluation

A single personalized shooting evaluation!

Cost – $35

Splash Member

Includes two evaluations per month

A two month membership

Long Term Improvement Plan

Cost – $110

Step 3: Email your shot to


*Please include player’s name in the subject