ASA High School Academy

All new structure, skill development along with live game play!
The ASA High School Academy will help prepare players for high school basketball through advanced skill development in shooting, ball-handling, finishing around the room, and conditioning.  There will be an emphasis on 1v1 play in addition to drills focused on improving the skills listed previously. 
The Academy will run two hours long, the first hour will be an intense workout, followed by an hour of live game play.  Players will be broken up into teams throughout the Academy and will play games each session.  Standings will be kept as well as statistics, this will be an extremely competitive environment, and tracking statistics throughout the “season” adds an exciting element to the Academy! The combination of our advanced skills workout along with the intensity of the games will really help players prepare for their high school seasons.
The Academy will be run by Frank Allocco, Jr. and Ron Pangilinan, along with other elite ASA staff.  Coach Frank was a high school coach at De La Salle High School for 12 years as head of player development, where he oversaw training of over 40 players who moved on to play college basketball and helped De La Salle win 89% of it’s games throughout his time as a coach.  Coach Ron is a Varsity basketball coach and a Co-Director of the ASA Walnut Creek program.

Program Details:

  • Takes place Mondays and Fridays from 9/2 through 10/29
  • Two Hour Workouts @ the Ultimate Fieldhouse
  • Cost: $595
  • Emphasis on:
    • Ball Handling
    • Finishing Around the Rim
    • 1v1 Play
    • Post Skills
    • Perimeter Offensive Skills
    • Movement and Getting Shots Without the Ball
    • Conditioning, Speed, and Agility 
    • Live Games, Standings and Player Statistics!

New format we will limit the amount of players, expected to be full so signup early!